Top 8 Benefits that Accompany Custom Alloy Wheels

March 23rd, 2021

It’s not easy to overlook the attractiveness of custom alloy wheels thanks to the visual impact that it lends to a vehicle along with improved functionality. But is it a wise idea to just install them without looking into specifications and features?

What are Alloy wheels?

These are wheel rims manufactured from alloys of Magnesium or Aluminum, and at times, from both.

In the past, steel was the most admired material to manufacture car wheels due to its durability and strength. However, its increasing demands have popularised it into the mainstream automobile industry. Custom alloy wheels offer a superb look to the wheels and let the drivers enjoy the engineering advantages.

Benefits of installing custom made Alloy Wheels in a Newcastle vehicle:


1. Light Weight Material

The same size alloy wheels weigh less than the steel ones. Wondering the reason behind this? This is not a far fetched statement when you compare the materials on a weighing machine. 

Both aluminium and magnesium weigh a lot less than steel. The light-weighted wheels not only reduce the weight of the vehicle but also improves vehicle handling. Steering the vehicle has become easier than ever with custom made alloy wheels. 

As the wheels work independently, putting increased weight in this unsupported system can lead to frequent jerks during the rides. Alloy wheels let the suspension enjoy a better grip throughout the journey.

2. Visually Appealing

There is no comparison between the visual appeals of steel wheels and alloy wheels. The upgradation offered by alloy wheels plays a crucial role in its increased demand. This helps a vehicle stand out from the rest and makes it more valuable.

3. Lesser fuel consumption

As it’s not a secret now that alloy wheels are lighter than steel,  the improved performance of the vehicle also accelerates the fuel efficiency of the vehicle to a great extent. Pulling less weight reduces fuel consumption, which attracts car owners more. 

4. Better Braking

Better traction accompanies custom alloy wheels, a feature crucial during braking performance. The reduced “wheel hop” decreases the risk of brake failure.

5. Prevent corrosion and rust Longer

Aluminium alloy is known for its corrosion and rust prevention qualities. Aluminium alloy wheels also come with the same benefits.

6. Better tire life

Alloy wheels offer a great heat dissipation feature which prevents the vehicle tires from being worn out quickly. Heated tires don’t perform as well as a normal tire. alloy wheels keep them cool which extends their longevity. It also minimises car tires maintenance cost.

7. Better heat conduction

A high level of heat conduction feature of alloy wheels makes them more popular among car owners. Adding this feature to your vehicle lets you dissipate heat better than the traditional ones.

8. Go well with tubeless tires

The airtight feature of alloy wheels makes them the right fit for tubeless tires. This might not be the case when steel wheels come into play.

Though you are only going through the advantages, we should not ignore the disadvantages as well to make an informed decision:

Disadvantages of Alloy Wheels

  • -The strength of alloy wheels are not as much as steel wheels
  • -Costs more during manufacturing
  • -This pricey material can easily catch the attention of many anti-social workers
  • -Not as durable as steel ones


Bottom Line

Don’t let the disadvantages stop you from enjoying the advantages of custom made alloy wheels in Newcastle. Working with the right wheel production company is enough to get the value for money you have invested in the vehicle.

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