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Benefits of Alloy Wheels and The Alloy Wheel Fitment Guide Newcastle

The wheels of a vehicle are responsible for securing a firm grip on the road and a smooth and safe ride. When driving, the wheels are probably the last thing we think about. But wheels are among the most essential performance parts of a vehicle. You should have some knowledge of different types of wheels if you want to drive safely and utilize the alloy wheel fitment guide Newcastle all by yourself. While steel wheels are most conventional, the modern new alloys Newcastle have captured the market with its advantageous features.

Wheels of new alloys New Castle: Benefits

The alloy wheels have many advantages over others. Here’s a look at some of the top benefits of installing alloy wheels in different vehicles, read on to find the facts on alloy wheel fitment guide Newcastle:


Typically, the alloy wheels look far more stylish than any other types. This is precisely due to the more complex manufacturing process of the alloy wheels that allow it to get more creative and custom designs.

Performance & Car Suspension Newcastle

Aesthetic is not the only feature that influences car owners, but the alloy wheels improve overall vehicle performance.

Alloy wheels are distinctly lighter than the steel wheels, which help a vehicle in terms of fuel consumption, braking and accelerating. Even better steering and handling are also expectable with better control. Further, the lighter wheels also help limit wear and tear on other vehicle components including car suspension Newcastle, the engine, transmission etc.

Alloy wheels also allow better heat conduction and distribution that directly transposes to better braking. The improved heat radiation properties also mean that the tyres will keep cooler temperature longer and are less likely to wear out prematurely.

Lightweight & Economical

We have already stated that lightweight makes alloy wheels more economical, here’s how. Every 10% reduction in weight alters up to 7% fuel savings. And it’s big!


Another great benefit of the alloy wheels, and the alloy material, is that they are more rust-resistant and least corrosive. Compared to steel and other metals, new alloys Newcastle are more long-lasting.

So, if you invest a little more to have alloy wheels, you can count on the car wheels to look good and last long.

Different Fitment Styles for Alloy Wheels Newcastle

Already being aesthetically appealing, you can make your car look even more stylish or classy with the different wheel fitment styles. Here is a quick alloy wheel fitment guide Newcastle discussing the 4 main types of wheel fitment that you will regularly see, but may not be aware of.

Tucked Fitment

Tucked fitment makes the wheels sitting behind the wings or the fenders. It forms an imposing look to the vehicle and gives it a wider look than it’s actual size.

Hence, we suggest you choose high offset, flat profile tires for tucked fitment as it makes sense when you are trying to put everything behind the wing.

Tucked fitment looks good when done right and it allows for the maximum adaptability that car spots suspension Newcastle provides.

Flush Fitment

Next on the list of our alloy wheel fitment guide Newcastle is the Flush fitment. In this alloy wheel fitment style, the wheels are pretty much perfectly aligned with the wings. But this can be a little tricky when you are going off the tracks with tires/rims as it needs precise accuracy in the measurements. Flush fitment is the most common fitment, especially for performance-oriented vehicles. The benefits of flush fitment are plenty as it keeps costs lower while maximising performance.

Poke Fitment & alloy wheel fitment guide Newcastle

It is told that no one purposefully takes poke fitment, but people end up with poke fitment accidentally. If you mess up with your flush fitment, you are likely to get an accidental poke fitment. But there are also genuine car owners who intentionally choose this alloy wheel fitment and go really well.

Specifically, in the old days, people would slap giant tires on the back wheels to run at the drag strip, and it led to the wheels poking outside. This further led to muscle car owners selecting this fitment style to end up looking iconic for the scene. After all, poke fitment style gives cars a more aggressive look.

Stance Fitment

Stance fitment attributes to a negative slant, in which the wheels lean to the side. This fitment style is pretty much aesthetic and doesn’t contribute to improving lap times. But when done right, stance fitment looks great.

If you find our alloy wheel fitment guide Newcastle interesting, you can try a new fitment for your old car to give it a new look. More importantly, new alloys Newcastle are aesthetically impressive and also high-performing and durable. Alloy wheels are a great choice for opting edgy fitments successfully.

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